8 Key Themes


Digital DNA 2019

18 & 19 JUNE

Taking place on 18 &19 June in St George's Market seeing 3,000+ Delegates through the doors over 2 days to hear from 150 Speakers, inspired by 80 hrs of content on our 8 key themes. Networking with each other and meeting 150+ Exhibitors

June 18 - 19, 2019 in St George’s Market, Belfast


Marketing is changing. New trends are evolving daily and social media amongst other online media are becoming our primary source for content consumption. Digital Technology is at the heart of this revolution and at Digital DNA, we bring together the pioneers, the industry experts and influencers in Marketing to discuss new ideas and talk about what the future holds for this dynamic sector.


Data is the new currency for Digital Technology companies. All industries are now harnessing the power of Data Analytics, with leaders in this space pushing the boundaries and creating ever more complex algorithms helping predict future trends. Digital DNA helps break down traditional barriers, allowing delegates to hear and learn from industry leaders on how harnessing data is impacting our decision-making process both in the workplace and in our day to day lives.


Traditionally FinTech was referred to as a back-office function for larger financial institutions. In the 21st century, Digital Technology is helping to re-define FinTech leading to exciting innovations in personal and commercial finance. N. Ireland plays an important role in the FinTech world and Digital DNA attracts some of the brightest talent helping to create new technologies like crypto-currencies, mobile banking and e-investment platforms.


Cybersecurity, once left to IT Department’s to manage now affects all of us. The importance of Cybersecurity has never been more critical for businesses, particularly with the increase in cyber-crime. N. Ireland is regarded as a centre of excellence for Cybersecurity and dubbed the “Cybersecurity capital of Europe”. With many of the world’s leading Cybersecurity thought leaders working and living in Belfast, Digital DNA provides the perfect vehicle to hear and learn about the potential risks and developments in Global Cybersecurity.


Innovation is in the very DNA of all our themes and an area all our delegates can relate to. Emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality epitomise the impact innovation has within the Digital Technology sector. Digital DNA provides a platform for Leaders from industry to discuss global trends and future technologies.


With a growing developer and engineering community in N. Ireland, Digital DNA provides a unique platform for companies and individuals to network with their peers, hear from the sectors leaders and find out what future trends will impact software development and engineering.


Tech for Good is a community of people, projects, organisations and funders promoting the role of technology to improve social, environmental and economic outcomes. Tech for Good is the intentional design, development and use of digital technologies to address social challenges.


Every great company started with an idea. Start-ups are the lifeblood of the digital technology eco-system. Disruptive start-ups have the potential to transform traditional industries using a variety of technologies, including AI, VR, AR and machine learning to name a few. Companies attending Digital DNA will be able to hear from Investors, funding experts and successful entrepreneurs.